Jenkinson Enterprises
World Class Solutions in VR, AR, MR, and Edge Computing
Premium Advanced Technology and Business Solutions
Our products feature a revolutionary new high density, high speed, ultra compact, power efficient, 6+ DOF sensing and computing platform utilizing newly and soon-to-be released computing and sensing technology.

Our focus is building unique hardware and software solutions using Edge Computing that significantly advance capabilities of complex systems and of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed reality training and entertainment platforms.

Jenkinson Enterprises is well placed within the industries we serve. We scale teams as needed to match Customers’ Research & Development and Production requirements.

Jenkinson Enterprises is located adjacent to NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas.
A concept forms in the mind... "Wouldn't it be great if we had hardware to interface real objects with a virtual world?"
An idea is nothing without a cohesive plan. We have the experience to help formulate and implement a winning plan.
Putting the plan into action requires time and money. We can help execute your plan with minimum expense.
Organizations Served
USAF  |   USN  |   NASA  |   United Technologies  |   Boeing  |   Exxon  |    Dow Chemical  |   Union Carbide  |   Shell Oil  |   KBR
Military and Consumer Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality Hardware/Software; New Product Creation & Development; Internet of Things (IoT); New Business Development; Program Management & Integration; Safety & Mission Assurance; Systems Engineering; Research & Development; and Engineering Procurement & Construction.
The Leadership Team has over 58 years of combined Engineering and Management experience in the industries and disciplines shown above. They have received numerous company and industry awards for significant contributions made throughout the years.
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